The Positive Power of Data with Shujaaz Inc.

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Shujaaz is a strategic communications company and Kenya’s biggest youth brand. With a following of over 7 million young East Africans, the organisation seeks to inspire and mobilise its followers using an interconnected multi-media youth platform.

Personal data is a valuable commodity in the modern world and to put it simply, Shujaaz takes its users’ data and uses it to develop platforms that give them the power to transform their own futures. Shujaaz works on the philosophy that young people hold the solutions to overcoming the barriers they face and therefore each venture is developed alongside its users.

It provides them with a network of support, ideas and the training needed to create their own social ventures and lift up their own communities. Shujaaz’s platforms focus on livelihood, health and social & political agency. They ensure that youths’ voices are heard during a time when Covid-19 threatens to dramatically affect the potential of young people across Kenya and Africa in general.

Shujaaz’ most recent project – ‘Player First’, harnesses the power of connectivity using A.I. and data to combine and deliver further support to East-Africa’s current and future young entrepreneurs in finding productive self-employment, increasing their earnings, supporting their communities, employing their peers and becoming the stabilised bedrock of the informal sector for Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Every ambitious, disruptive, start-up needs partners like Enjoolata. Having embraced our mission to empower young people in East Africa through a new type of network, their generosity, trust and support have helped to move us miles ahead. We are deeply grateful to have Enjoolata among our friends and partners and look forward to the impact that we can jointly celebrate”.

Rob Burnet Managing Director at Shujaaz, Kenya

Working alongside Shujaazis is an amazing learning opportunity for us to learn about how data can be used in a positive way to harness power from within the community.

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