There’s a Tiger in my Garden

A group of children and parents watching a show

Flock Theatre makers believe that good art should be accessible to all and that participatory experiences are hugely important to communities who experience poverty and / or marginalisation, but theatre is a luxury some cannot afford.

“There’s a Tiger in my Garden” was performed for primary school children, the refugee community and the elderly in venues identified as an area of need and scarce artistic opportunity.

East Sussex Parks and Brighton primary schools were the venues used this September and October. Aided by puppets, music and dance the audience’s imagination was provoked, joining Nora on her adventure in grandma’s garden as she discovered carnivorous plants, a grumpy polar bear, butterflies as big as her arms and even a tiger!

“My kids were mesmerised by the puppets and songs. I found it quite emotional going to see live theatre again.”

“Our kids have a creative potential that can profoundly impact their futures. This sends a message that their potential is recognised and worth caring for.”

The arts will play a vital role in our social / emotional recovery from the pandemic. Participatory experiences transform communities: they raise esteem & aspiration, aid language development and provide a space to process complex emotions.

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