Our ethos

At the heart of Enjoolata lies a set of guiding principles that fuel our every decision and shape our every action. These ten principles capture our passion for empowering our community to be agents of change, emphasising the importance of belonging, creativity and commitment to our local community and the planet.

1. Community power

We amplify the voices, enthusiasm, and imagination of individuals in our local community, trusting in their transformative power to create meaningful change.

2. Shared journey

More than funders, we’re partners. We journey together, providing resources, guidance and genuine collaboration.

3. Wellbeing at the core

Prioritising the happiness and health of our Transformation Makers, we recognise their wellbeing as a cornerstone for community resilience.

4. No barriers, only bridges

We dissolve the traditional roles of benefactor and beneficiary, adopting a heart-centred approach to community growth where everyone has a sense of belonging.

5. Imagination & creativity

We champion the limitless potential of creativity and imagination as vital catalysts for community transformation.

6. Stewardship of nature & local heart

Our commitment to safeguarding our environment is aligned with a focus on local actions that have a global impact.

7. Fluidity over hierarchy

Power belongs to the people. Moving away from traditional hierarchies, we ensure that everyone feels they are a part of something greater, creating a more profound sense of community.

8. Embracing adaptability

Change is a constant. We remain responsive to the evolving needs of our community, always ready to adjust, learn, and grow.

9. Inclusivity & holistic success

We recognise that true success goes beyond numbers. It lies in the rich tapestry of stories, diverse voices, and deep connections within our community. We strive for an environment where everyone feels valued, ensuring our support is accessible and resonates with diverse voices.

10. Forward thinking optimism

With eyes set on the future, we remain hopeful and innovative, always seeking better ways to bring about lasting change.