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We approach funding differently

Since our inception, we have listened deeply to our partners and are continuously developing our offering to suit their most vital needs. The four pillars of Enjoolata partnerships and our different types of funding opportunities are designed to give you the support you need to thrive.
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The story behind the impact

It has become increasingly difficult for micro-organisations to access seed funding for important initiatives.

Once funds have been given, organisations are rarely offered additional support to amplify their impact and key opportunities are wasted.

The Enjoolata Foundation has become a local movement for global impact. Find out more about our origins here.

Empowering collaboration for community growth

Collaboration is a cornerstone of our ethos, and the more partners put into the community, the more they get back.

We create opportunities for partners to come together, learn, and grow with one another, and we are proud to see many of our partners working together on joint initiatives.

We also provide training and skill-building opportunities for you and your team, alongside wellbeing initiatives designed to help you think holistically about your growth, health and capacity.

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Our timeline

Our partners are what makes Enjoolata so special

Afternoon Grooving

Last week we were lucky enough to get tickets to the latest La Di Da Society event at Ralli Hall in Hove. It was an absolute blast!

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