Gifting Forward: A Hamper’s Journey of Hope with ‘You Raise Me Up’


This December, we joined the raucous Choir with No Name for their Big Christmas Sing, along with 80 of our partners, their volunteers, and beneficiaries! In a delightful, albeit particularly jammy, turn of good fortune, we found ourselves the raffle winners, and a Fortnum and Mason hamper became a powerful fundraising tool for causes close to our hearts.

We recognised its potential to spread kindness, inspired by our incredible partners and their dedication to local positivity. During our visit to ‘You Raise Me Up’ in Polegate, we had the pleasure of experiencing the warmth and charm of their cafe while chatting with their team. A short walk from Polegate Station, the cafe radiates a sense of community and hospitality. You only need to taste their fantastic selection of cakes (baked in-house!) to understand the care and attention put into every aspect of their organisation.

‘You Raise Me Up,’ founded by the late Jane Brooks and her husband Fraser, is a charity that supports families who have lost a young person. Their journey began in 2011 when Megan, their daughter, tragically passed away. Faced with incomparable grief, the Brooks family established the charity to provide emotional and mental well-being support to others going through similar experiences.

While their charity has significantly grown in the last 13 years, a simple yet profound belief remains at the heart of their mission: to offer compassion and understanding rather than empty clichés. With trained counsellors, including specialists in child and adolescent support, the charity provides invaluable emotional and mental well-being services, helping their beneficiaries to survive and stabilise.

As we sat and discussed their incredible work, they mentioned how difficult it can be constantly reaching out to donors and foundations. On our walk back to the station, we talked about how challenging the current fundraising landscape had become for our partners and our wonderful Sally suggested we pay our good fortune forward. Moved by their tireless work, we of course agreed and ran back to offer the hamper to help them fundraise at the Focus Foundation’s Winter Ball (which was also attended by our partners Brighton Table Tennis Club and the Children With Cancer Fund, along with two other local charities: Kangaroos and Brighton Therapy Centre!). They were thrilled and the ball was a huge success; they collectively raised a staggering £120,000!

Here at Enjoolata, we believe in the ripple effect of kindness and the potential for positive change when communities come together. Beyond its luxurious contents, the hamper serves as a tangible reminder of the interconnectedness within our communities. The charity’s commitment to compassion, understanding, and support resonates deeply with our belief in the power of collective empathy.

As we reach towards spring, let’s continue to share the joy of giving. Whether it’s a hamper, a gesture, or time volunteered, every contribution has the power to make a difference. Together, we can uplift and support one another, ensuring that no one walks alone.

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