In Conversation with Bramber Bakehouse


Bramber Bakehouse works alongside survivors of domestic abuse, survivors of human trafficking, asylum seekers, and refugees to break the cycles of poverty and violence against women.

They take a trauma-informed approach to wellbeing and life skills development, teaching therapeutic baking with the restorative support women need to change their lives.

We’re proud to have supported Bramber Bakehouse for the past two years to deliver their baking, wellbeing, and life skills program to women across Sussex.

Here, we catch up with Lucy Butt, co-founder and CEO, to learn more about their work and the impact of our partnership.

It’s thick in the gloom of January, but Lucy arrives at our meeting looking fresh-faced and excited.

Over the past 10 years, Bramber Bakehouse has grown from a simple idea between two young friends into a thriving organisation that supports women in and around Sussex.

“We run a baking, wellbeing, and life skills programme for women who need support,” Lucy tells us.

“It’s a trauma-informed programme that looks at the whole person and gives them the skills they need to move forward. Enjoolata helps us deliver that programme for local women in Sussex and ensure they are well prepared for their life ahead.”

Lucy and her team were introduced to Enjoolata Foundation as a local partner when they first began looking for financial support.

“We developed a really great, personal relationship with them. And we’ve been working with them ever since,” Lucy says.

Bramber Bakehouse works with women who have been through abuse, exploitation, or displacement. That also includes women who are seeking refuge here.

“We have space for twelve women to join our programme, and we bring everyone together in one room. It creates this lovely, warm environment where they can learn together and share some of their stories about what they’ve been through and how they’re trying to work through that together.”

Bramber Bakehouse is on a mission to help women have safe, meaningful, and healthy lives.

“We have looked at what women need to thrive. A sense of community and feeling like they belong, having a purpose, managing their health and well being, and having agency.

“When women have that, they’re more able to have a healthy, meaningful life. And I think that’s really important. It’s the reason that we started, and 10 years on, it’s still the reason that we’re here today.”

Lucy tells us Enjoolata is one the first partners to support with funding.

“It was great to have a local partner who understood the landscape in Sussex.

“They don’t just provide you with financial support; they link you up with others. They’re constantly thinking about ways to partner with other local organisations that will make you stronger. They really want you to succeed.”

This year, they’re growing with some big aspirations, and will soon launch a befriending and mentoring service to increase social connection for women. The scheme will provide support in developing the skills these women need to gain employment.

“We also want to be able to sell baked products, providing employment opportunities for the women we support.

“This would also mean diversifying our income, making us more sustainable as an organisation.”

Interested in learning more about how you can support Bramber Bakehouse? Discover more and get in touch with Lucy and her team here.

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