Celebrating Community Spirit at the Brighton 10K!

Harry Waving the starting flag to start the 10K!

Brighton, with its lively streets and that tangy sea breeze we all love, truly showed up the 10K, and we had the privilege of witnessing the unwavering spirit of nearly 3000 people!

Amidst the sea of determined faces, two individuals stood out – Harry and Bly, local sporting heroes from Brighton Table Tennis Club, taking a quick break from their streak of international victories. With infectious energy, they waved the starting flag, sending the runners off on their journey. This is what Brighton does best: from the lively crowds lining the streets to the determined runners pushing themselves to their limits, it was a sight to behold. The resounding cheers and words of encouragement filled the air. You could really feel everyone coming together with a shared sense of purpose, capturing the true spirit of our beloved city in the sunshine.

27 runners from 12 different Enjoolata organisations raised a whopping £ 14,798.69! We were so proud to be able to stand and support our fantastic partners as they proved their dedication to their communities and, prouder still, to be able to donate a further £11,553 to their fundraising efforts through match-funding! 

We have seen in real-time how match-funding works as a powerful incentive for community support and is a reminder of how much we can achieve when standing united!

The day was a wild mix of celebration and inspiration, reminding us all of the sheer power of people when we rally for a common cause. And let’s not forget the sweetest part – Angela and Lulu whipped up some killer brownies and flapjacks for everyone at the finish line! Watch out for those recipes in your inbox; we promise that they’re worth it.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every runner who participated, as well as to the generous donors who supported them along the way.

Keep running, keep giving, and keep believing in the power of change.

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