Christmas at The Clock Tower Sanctuary

Some boxes filled with christmas wishes and gifts

We’re feeling festive here at Enjoolata HQ, and as we lead up to Christmas, we want to highlight the work of one of our favourite projects last year.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary (@theclocktowersantuary) works with young homeless people in the city to give them space, support and stability when they most need it. It is the city’s only drop-in day centre for younger homeless people, and last year the Sanctuary had over 4,000 visits from young people who had no home.

This time last year, we worked with the Sanctuary to fund some festive gift boxes to help spread Christmas cheer.

Local schools were put on decoration duties, and children and patrons of the charity contributed Christmas messages to show the guests at the centre that they were really thinking of them.

Boxes included headphones, mobile phones, socks and chocolate! Wherever possible, items were bought locally. The team also included gift vouchers so that their guests could go and choose things that they could get actual use from.

Upon receiving a box at the Christmas meal, a guest commented, ‘This was the worst Christmas ever… getting a food parcel, and great Christmas presents from CTS was a fab start to the new year. It made my week, my month even!’

Projects like this can make a massive difference to young people at this time of year. For more information about the Clocktower Sanctuary or support their work, follow them on Instagram or head over to their website.

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