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Lovebrook is a multifaceted ecological project in Kingston near Lewes, spanning 33 acres of farmland in the South Downs.

The Enjoolata Foundation has been a funding partner since the beginning, supporting Hannah Weller and her husband, Rich, in bringing the healing power of nature to the community. We’re proud to also work with Lovebrook to offer our partners access to well-being days on the land.

We caught up with Hannah to discover the story behind Lovebrook.

It’s grey outside, but as soon as Hannah’s beaming smile enters the Zoom room, she brings brightness to the day. It must be all that country air.

We get straight to the details. How did Hannah and her husband, Rich, go from running an entertainment company to founding an ecological project?

“We decided to shift gears about three years ago. We observed various crises around us—health, economy, food, among others—and felt compelled to make a positive difference.

“So, we sold our home and entertainment company to buy Lovebrook. We aimed to create a community-based project to heal people and the planet.”

Lovebrook has blossomed from a passion into a series of projects that work regeneratively with the land. Hand in hand with the land-based work, they also benefit the community, providing therapeutic well-being days, a trainee farmers course, a farm shop, camping, and a programme of rewilding, ponds, and tree planting.

“We see the healing and the therapeutic benefits of being in nature and growing and cooking healthy food and being in the community for people who would have the least access to that otherwise,” Hannah tells us.

The Enjoolata Foundation initially supported their Tuesday Community Volunteer Day, a program open to all, where people engage in gardening and nature-related activities. This seed funding helped establish this cornerstone event, which continues to thrive.

“One story that stands out is of a person who started attending our Volunteer Day through social prescribing with their GP. They struggled with social isolation and mental health issues. Over time, their confidence bloomed, and they became a regular visitor, finding a supportive community at Lovebrook.”

We also work with Lovebrook to provide Wellbeing Days for community group leaders who work tirelessly and get very little time to regenerate. We’ve funded eight individual days for our partners to go to Lovebrook and enjoy the opportunity for reflection, nature-based activities, meditation, and community lunches.

This is vital, Hannah explains. “People often dedicate themselves entirely to their causes, neglecting their well-being. It’s crucial to take a step back, reflect, and recharge. When these leaders prioritise themselves, they return to work with renewed enthusiasm and perspective.”

We’ve also worked with Lovebrook to support the Entrant Farmer Traineeship, which enabled six aspiring farmers to learn about regenerative farming.

“Working with Enjoolata Foundation feels like having a true partner and friend. Their approach is human-centric—they understand our needs, keep the application and reporting process straightforward, and offer continual support. It’s been pivotal in our journey, and I’m so grateful for their backing.” Hannah says.

Discover more about the brilliant work Lovebrook is doing within the community here.

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