Interview with young apprentice Arthur Purdue at Jamie’s Farm, Lewes

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During our recent visit to Jamie’s Farm, Lewes we met Arthur. After visiting a couple of times with his school, Arthur was selected to become the Lewes farms second apprentice. We interviewed Arthur to find out more about his involvement on the farm and the impact that it’s had on him. 

When did you first come to Jamie’s Farm and why? 

I first came to Jamie’s Farm when I was about 10. I wasn’t enjoying school and it was a struggle at times. I also thought it would be good to get away from home for a bit: I had never stayed away from home before

Where do you live? 

I live in London

Why did you become an Ambassador? 

I became an Ambassador because I loved doing the residential trips to the farms and I loved learning more and more about what happens and how it all happens. 

What does being an Apprentice involve and what’s your favourite thing about it? 

Being an Apprentice involves spending a week with the young people who visit and joining in their sessions and encouraging them to get involved and stuck into something they may have never tried before and making sure they have a great week.  

Why did you apply? 

I applied because I loved spending time on the farm and helping young people and I love learning new things about the animals and being able to share my experience with the young people.

What would you like to do for a job when you are older? 

When I am older I would either like to work with animals or with young people in an outside setting.

Has Jamie’s farm helped you develop any new skills and interests? 

Jamie’s farm has really helped me in my confidence and really gave me the chance to see what I could do.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you are at the farm? 

My favourite thing to do at the farm would have to be getting to learn about all the animals.

Read more about our involvement with Jamie’s Farm, Lewes here

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