Niche CBS: It’s not a house, but a home that changes lives.

Allotment Garden

In a world often marred by individualism and isolation, Niche CBS is bringing the essence of “home” to those who need it the most. Their mission revolves around providing Supported Accommodation for single-person households who may struggle to maintain a home independently and safely. This remarkable organisation, a Community Benefit Society, is built upon over 25 years of expertise within the long-term rental market.

At the heart of Niche CBS’s success lies its holistic integration of building management and tenant support. This unique approach ensures that both aspects are personal and consistent enough to foster the strong relationships necessary to truly help tenants enhance their lives and transition back into mainstream housing whenever possible.

Their management principles are simple yet powerful: relationships are built by people, not by apps or screens. They believe that it’s not just a house but a home that can change lives. Their philosophy of care, combined with their dedicated team of housing support officers, creates a self-sustaining micro-community within their buildings. With personalised support plans, weekly one-to-one meetings, assistance with benefits and form-filling, help in managing tenancies, and guidance in integrating into the community, Niche CBS aims to help tenants develop essential life skills and resilience with dignity and respect. 

One unique aspect of Niche CBS is its commitment to involving other agencies, such as probation, social services, or health services, to address specific tenant needs. Their active collaboration ensures the best possible outcome for their residents and prioritises long-term solutions. But it’s not just about accommodation; Niche CBS also facilitates personal growth through group sessions. These sessions are a testament to the organisation’s commitment to holistic support; offering tenants the opportunity to not only address their housing needs but also to nurture personal growth and development. We at Enjoolata are so proud to have been able to contribute to their beautiful art, sewing, and allotment groups. These sessions provide a creative outlet that fosters self-confidence, social skills, and self-expression. 

A catalyst for educational workshops on healthy eating and dietary improvements, the allotment project at Niche CBS serves as a symbol of growth and collective resilience. This green oasis within the organisation’s offerings is not merely about gardening; it represents a collaborative effort to cultivate a thriving community. Engaging in creative activities, whether it’s art, gardening, or any other form of expression, encourages these individuals to discover and assert their unique identities. It allows them to transcend past challenges and find a sense of purpose and self-worth.

Allotment Garden
Freshly cooked food
A plate of prawns, rice and salad

The act of creation is inherently dignifying, giving tenants a voice and a platform to be heard. Time spent in nature is equally transformative; it reconnects us with the fundamental beauty of the world and reminds us of our place within it. This connection is a testament to the organisation’s dedication to creating lasting positive change in the lives of its residents; this project not only feeds bodies but nourishes souls, inspiring residents to embrace a more conscious and sustainable way of living. 

A piece of artwork made from torn paper depicting a face
A print of a leaf

Join us in celebrating the power of community and the transformation of houses into homes that change lives!

If you or someone you know could benefit from Niche CBS’s services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact the team at 01323 640292 or explore the referral process through the council or a professional working with you.

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