Pippa’s Group: Nurturing Our Community’s Future

Two ladies painting a shed

In the heart of Lewes, a small but mighty organisation known as Pippa’s Group has been making a profound impact on the local community since its inception in 1986. Founded by Pippa Campbell and supported by Jean Toy, this playgroup began as a small initiative in Pippa’s own home. Its aim? To create a nurturing space for children who could benefit from a more intimate preschool environment. Armed with their secret weapon – a diverse and stimulating curriculum designed to ignite curiosity and cultivate skills – Pippa’s group continues to be unwaveringly committed to this cause. 

One of Pippa’s Group’s standout initiatives is the Forest School program. In the natural embrace of the outdoors, children embark on a journey of self-discovery and skill-building. This hands-on adventure not only fosters confidence, resilience, and teamwork but also deepens their connection to the environment. Through activities like climbing trees, building shelters, and exploring the wonders of nature, Forest School learning promotes physical well-being, emotional resilience, and ignites a profound sense of environmental stewardship. It’s more than education; it’s a holistic experience that prepares the children for a future filled with curiosity and self-assuredness.

Additionally, their sensory room, featuring a Magic Carpet (!), provides a fully immersive and interactive experience. Children can embark on adventures, from chasing autumn leaves to flying to the moon, stimulating their senses and imagination.

As Pippa’s Group continues to evolve, they remain dedicated to their community’s well-being. Their warm welcome to families and nurturing curriculum create a supportive atmosphere that prepares children for future success.

Pippa’s Group isn’t just an educational institution; it’s a community cornerstone, embodying the values of care, inclusivity, and holistic growth. In a world where individuality is celebrated, they provide a safe space for every child to thrive. Pippa’s Group is more than a preschool; it’s a testament to the power of nurturing our community’s future.

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