The Plot: Cultivating Resilience and Community Through Nature


The Plot is a sanctuary of natural wellbeing among the Liriodendron and nettles in Stanmer Park. Established in 2019, this collective cultivates growth through food, gardening, education, and nature connections. A visionary sanctuary has taken shape carefully and collaboratively crafted by the community, each member contributing as a crucial brushstroke to The Plot’s canvas, bearing the weight of trauma.

These individuals are rooted in diverse backgrounds — from horticulture to mental health — and form The Plot collective. With expertise in ecotherapy, environmental art, and trauma interventions, they harmonize elements to awaken resilience and celebrate uniqueness. Here, balance is found, compassion is sparked, and understanding blooms within a shared ground.

The Plot unfolds an array of offerings: camera-less photography, pottery, nature-connection activities, and ecotherapy. It’s a canvas for creative collaborations, a stage for playfulness that responds to the symphony of changing seasons. Amidst the tapestry, one finds Team Days, practitioner sessions, and events fostering community spirit.

Partnerships are fundamental to The Plot’s essence, with its development closely interwoven with the invaluable contributions of RISE, an advocacy group supporting survivors of domestic abuse. This vibrant space fulfils diverse roles, facilitating a weekly art and wellbeing group for youth, a quarterly women’s gathering, and organizing multiple events to aid survivors and their children in their recovery from abuse. The facilities are also accessible to the dedicated staff supporting these individuals on their path to healing. Their ongoing collaborations extend to esteemed partners such as St John’s College, The Hummingbird Project, Articulate, and the University of Brighton to create a harmonious support system for young adults needing psycho-social care.

Through the metaphor of nature and seasons, The Plot invites individuals to access a green space where resilience and coping strategies are cultivated. It is a canvas where personal growth, healthy relationships, and cycles of change intertwine through art, development, and shared conversations.

Volunteers play a vital role in nurturing The Plot’s growth. Scheduled action days provide insights into this flourishing ecosystem. Stay connected with The Plot’s narrative on Facebook and Instagram, where unfolding stories are revealed like petals, showcasing the transformative power of nature.

In the quiet whispers of the wind and the rustling leaves, The Plot beckons. If you feel the call to be part of this symphony, consider volunteering or exploring partnership opportunities. Whether through donation or connection, your support adds another layer to The Plot’s masterpiece, helping it flourish and continue providing solace in nature’s embrace.

The Plot is also currently recruiting a voluntary Treasurer for a Management Committee Role!

Find out more about their vacancies here >

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