Suds and Solidarity


On an unexpectedly clear April day, our team found ourselves in Arlington, ready to roll up our sleeves and dive into the Children with Cancer Fund’s Bluebell walk fundraiser. 

While volunteering individually was nothing new to us, this marked a special occasion where we could unite as a team to support one of our cherished partners. Admittedly, it had been a while since we’d donned our hospitality hats, let alone tackled an industrial dishwasher. But as we got elbow-deep in suds and clearing tables, there was a sense of purpose that made it surprisingly enjoyable. After all, knowing that our efforts were making a difference for a cause we deeply care about added an extra pep to our scrubbing. And amidst the hustle and bustle, it was heartwarming to see the tables adorned with an incredible array of cakes and treats donated by patrons and beneficiaries alike.

Volunteering isn’t just about lending a hand; it’s about forging connections and tapping into our collective power to create positive change. It’s about exchanging high-fives with fellow volunteers who share our passions, trading tales of triumph with those we assist, and absorbing insights from seasoned veterans. It’s like hanging out with a purpose—a chance to bond, learn, and grow, all while leaving a tangible mark on the world.

This spirit of connection is at the heart of the Children with Cancer Fund (CWCF), and this was so clear from our conversations with their team and the other volunteers. With a devoted team and unwavering support from the local community, CWCF has become a lifeline for children battling cancer and their families. From granting heartfelt wishes to orchestrating enriching retreats and outings, each wish reflects their commitment to brightening lives. Honoured with the esteemed Queens Award for Voluntary Service, CWCF continues to inspire us fuelling our passion for making a difference. It was truly a privilege to stand alongside them and offer our support.

And speaking of making a difference, they managed to raise an impressive £2,639.49 from the day! 

So, why volunteer? Because it’s a triple win: benefiting others, enriching yourself, and making the world a better place. If you have an upcoming event or require extra hands, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always eager to lend a helping hand!

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